Let’s Pray Together

July 7th & 23rd

On site: Circuit Office, behind Minehead Methodist Church on the Avenue

Or at Rev Carol Gill’s home

Please feel free to gather locally!

On line: Zoom:


Meeting ID: 916 430 1643,   Passcode: 24051738

Please also feel free to participate at home, whenever is convenient for you.

I hope that you shall be able to join us as we journey into God’s presence together.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know,

Every Blessing, Rev Andy Day

Dear Friends,

Let me invite you to share some time again with God and with one another on Tuesday 7th and 23rd July.

This month we have a fresh focus for our prayers, this is ‘Hidden Gifts’ when we are asking the Holy Spirit to help us see our hidden gifts.

It strikes me that we can treat prayer like a water tap, that we can turn on fully and see God’s blessing, and yet we can be afraid to turn the tap beyond a trickle in case it runs dry or perhaps worse drenches us! The expectation being that God has so little to offer us, that God cannot be trusted to answer our prayers and provide for our needs.

Fortunately, the truth is quite the opposite. The Chronicler wrote that ‘If only we, God’s people will humble ourselves and pray, He will hear us and answer our prayers.’

So let us come together, in faith and hope that God hears our prayers and knows how best to answer them.

We shall begin with some opening prayer that focuses on who God is and offering him our praise and love. And you are welcome to consider what your prayers may be?

This will lead us to recognise who we are in comparison and seeking his forgiveness.

As we consider our theme, we shall give thanks for those who have discovered their gifts and had enough faith to test, to try, to invest in and share their gifts with us.

We can pray for God to continue to help us to discover our hidden gifts.

And we can pray for others similarly

We can pray for those who feel that they have no hidden gifts for God to use, that God may reveal their gifts to them

And we can pray for God to call people with particular gifts –

Worship Leading and Preaching,

Circuit Stewards and Church Stewards


Help to share our faith

Small group and bible study leaders and hosts

And we shall pray for each church in turn and the Circuit, the District and the Methodist Church across the UK.

I also want to affirm that when we observe those who’s faith and ministry we admire, we should remember that they too started somewhere. They started with a hidden gift, just like us.

I look forward to sharing with you,

Every blessing